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Bluebeard - Steak Spices

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Bluebeard spice is used on beef, grills, burgers, steaks and vegetables at the beginning and end of cooking. For an unrivaled steak, sprinkle spices on both sides of the meat before cooking. When your steak is cooked to your desired doneness, let it rest for a few minutes, adding bluebeard spices, the flavors will be at their peak. Here is the fruit of several years of professional BBQ competition in Canada and the United States. Taste the spices that made PiratesBBQ a champion team! INGREDIENTS • Salt • Sugars (cane sugar, glucose solids • Irradiated spices • Dehydrated garlic • Dehydrated onion • Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (corn, wheat, soy) • Monosodium glutumat • Smoke flavor • Yeast extract • Silicon dioxide. Contains: wheat, soy. Delicious with: • Beef • Poultry • Pork • Fish • Vegetables
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